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Can Babies Use Body Lotion? How to Choose?

In dry seasons like autumn and winter, some parents want to use skincare products on their babies in hopes of keeping their skin moisturized and prevent dryness and skin peeling. However, many parents do not know how to choose skincare products for their babies without compromising their health. 

Can babies use body lotion?

Firstly, parents can use baby body lotion on their babies without causing any negative effects on their health. It is well-suited for babies, especially during the drier autumn and winter seasons, as it can help keep their skin moisturized. Parents should take note of using specialized skincare products for their babies.

Secondly, baby sweat glands may not develop well, and they tend to wear more clothing, making them prone to eczema. As such, parents should dress their babies in cotton and breathable clothing, clean their bodies regularly, and apply baby body lotion to prevent eczema. Additionally, babies who use diapers often are susceptible to diaper rash; parents should care for their babies' buttocks by cleaning and drying them after a diaper change to prevent skin breaking and eczema.

The selection of baby body lotion

  • Newborns have thin skin that absorbs nutrients easily; skincare products with harmful substances are more easily absorbed by newborns than adults. Newborns do not need skincare products with whitening or acne-fighting properties, and simple moisturizing products suffice. Therefore, when choosing baby body lotion for newborns, parents should choose products for babies with single ingredients, free of fragrances, alcohols, and benzene-based preservatives to avoid skin irritation.

  • Two weeks after birth, the baby's skin secretes less sebum, and the protective acid layer becomes increasingly fragile. In selecting baby body lotion, parents should opt for a baby lotion with high oil content and PH levels that are close to the baby's skin. A good baby body lotion with similar lipid proportions to the baby's skin can supplement the infant's sebum, thus boosting their skin's resilience.

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