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Can Hand Cream Be Used Every Day? How to Use?

If the hand cream is used normally, it is usually enough to apply one gram at a time. You don't need to apply too much each time, so as not to make your hands very greasy. So can hand cream be used every day? Is it good to use hand cream every day?

1. Knowledge about hand cream

Hand care cream is a skin care product that can heal and smooth skin cracks and dryness, and can effectively prevent and treat rough and chapped hands in autumn and winter. Regular use in autumn and winter can make the skin of hands more tender and moist. The main function of hand cream is similar to that of skin cream. It is a cosmetic used for the purpose of maintaining moderate moisture in the skin, especially the outermost stratum corneum of the skin. The ingredients of hand care cream and skin cream are basically the same, and the ingredients can be roughly divided into four categories, namely water phase ingredients, oil phase ingredients, emulsifiers and other components.

2. Can hand care cream be used every day?

Hand cream can be used every day, just like the skin care products we use every day. Frequent use of hand cream is not harmful. The function of hand cream is to protect the skin of the hands, moisturize the hands, prevent frostbite, dryness, and whiten. The efficacy will vary according to the ingredients of the hand cream. So is it good to apply hand cream every day? It is good to apply hand cream every day, and the skin of your hands will get better and better if you stick to it. Generally, hand cream can last for 8 to 10 hours at a time. If you wash your hands, you should apply some more. Keep your hands moisturized at all times, and your face should be cared for. Hands are also important, especially in winter, hands will be dry if not wiped.

In winter or autumn, you feel the symptoms of dry and chapped skin on your hands. At this time, you can apply some hand cream to prevent or repair the skin on your hands. You can apply it several times a day, and there is no time limit for the number of times. Apply hand cream whenever you feel dry.

3. The correct use of hand cream

(1) Wash your hands, wipe them until they are 80% dry, and squeeze out a soybean-sized amount of hand cream on the back of your hands. 

(2) Spread the hand cream evenly on both hands, and use your thumb to press on the back of the hand from the inside out. 

(3) Apply circles on the backs of both hands, and then press up and down on the joints with your thumb and index finger. 

(4) Massage the edge of the nail with your thumb and index finger, these details should not be missed. 

(5) Use your thumb to press one centimeter below the tiger's mouth until the hand cream is completely absorbed.

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