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Can I Use Baby Cream During Breastfeeding?

After the baby is born, their skin is even more tender than an egg, so as a mother, taking care of their skin is a top priority to prevent any harm. Choosing the right baby cream is always difficult for fear of causing any damage, but can baby cream be used?

Can baby cream be used?

Baby cream can be used, but it is recommended not to use it at first. Simply cleaning the baby's skin with water daily is enough as their skin metabolism is fast and they do not need baby cream yet. If the wrong baby cream is chosen, it may contain ingredients that could irritate the baby's skin unnecessarily.

Can baby cream be used during breastfeeding?

During breastfeeding, many things cannot be consumed or used, making mothers worried about neglecting their skin care. To avoid rough, unhealthy skin, some mothers use baby cream to care for their skin, but wonder if it is safe during breastfeeding.

  • Women can use baby cream during breastfeeding, but it is important to choose from reputable manufacturers who use natural plant extracts without any additives or chemicals, making it gentle and safe.

  • Baby cream is safe for babies to consume, but it should not be applied to the breast area to avoid ingestion.

  • Breastfeeding women can also use a variety of skin creams made from natural aloe vera extracts or pregnancy-specific skincare products that are safe and not harmful to mother's milk quality.

Many believe that pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid using skincare or makeup products as they may be harmful to the baby. In reality, proper skincare is a normal necessity for everyone as the skin is the largest organ in the body and protecting it can promote overall health.

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