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Clean Beauty in London

For over a year now, everything has changed. Affected by a global pandemic, the world has seen its ways of living, creating and consuming evolve due to a massive awareness of environment protection. A new “clean” lifestyle has taken hold both in the consumer mindfulness and the products they are buying. Straight from the US, Clean Beauty is a trend that appeared around 10 years ago following the wave of “Clean food” for a better and healthier way of life. First innovative, it has become a fundamental and international subject in cosmetics.

The observation is simple: consumers seek to better understand what they are buying in terms of ingredients, formulation, ethics, sourcing and want to be ambassadors of the brands in which they trust. Brands are therefore required to further control their manufacturers’ processes to establish practices in accordance with demand. For example, minimize the superfluous to avoid unwanted effects as much as possible: few ingredients, chosen for their effectiveness and their supposed absence of negative effects on the skin, health and environment.

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