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Correct Steps to Apply Facial Mask

Ⅰ. Get to know about the facial mask

Every girl loves to be the beauty and wants to make themself look more beautiful. Almost all the women are willing to spend money on themselves. Beauty and body care are essential to all girls. As a category of skincare products, the facial mask is used for moisturizing the skin. It also has a variety of functions such as preserving moisturize, moisturizing, nourishing, improving the appearance and deep cleaning. Therefore do you know the correct steps to apply a facial mask?

Ⅱ. The correct steps to apply facial mask

1. Deep clean your face before applying. 

Before applying the private label face mask, it is necessary to clean the face thoroughly. If you wear makeup, it is highly recommended to choose the makeup removal products suitable for the skin and delete the makeup. After that, you should use the facial cleanser to clean the skin thoroughly. It is effortless to induce acne from dust particles in pores, radiation residues, polluted dust in the air environment and oil metabolites if you do not clean the face thoroughly.

2. To heat your face first. 

To have a better effect from applying the facial mask, after washing the face, you can first use hot towel to wet apply on the face for three minutes to open pores before applying the facial mask. Thereby It is beneficial to the absorption of essence.

3. The way to apply the facial mask. 

If it is the patch mask, you should pay attention to the docility of the facial mask, do not make exaggerated expressions after applying the facial mask. Applying the pasty mask should start from the bottom up the neck, jaw, cheeks, nose, lips, forehead; it is unfavourable to apply the facial mask around the eyes, eyebrows, upper and lower lips. It is better to start with the quickly dried T-zone and end with the U zone.

4. The time to apply the facial mask. 

Usually, it is enough to apply the magnetic skin mask for around 15 to 20 minutes. After that, it starts at the mask's edge and slowly peels it off from the bottom up. Generally speaking, it can cause the skin to tighten and appear to wrinkle easily after the facial mask gets dry. Therefore you need to pay attention to the time when applying the facial mask. It is necessary to wash with clean water after the frosting facial mask, and a pasty facial mask is applied to ensure that you continue to do the subsequent step skin care without any facial mask remaining on the face.

5. Put cold towels on your face.

 After you finish cleaning your face and applying the facial mask, you can put a cold towel on your face to shrink the pores and prevent pores from becoming bulky after finishing the facial mask. This is the last step of skin care after applying the facial mask.

6. The maintenance after applying the facial mask. 

After taking off the facial mask, massage the face with finger pulp to promote absorption; then use warm water to wash the residue on the face; applying moisturizing skincare products such as moisturizing cream to do good follow-up maintenance. If it is a cleaning mask or exfoliating facial mask, please be sure to do an excellent job of astringency steps to prevent hurting the skin.

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