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Do You Know How to Choose the Right Lipstick and Lip Balm?

In fact, it is not difficult to draw good lip makeup, the difficulty is how to choose the correct makeup for girls. So how do you tell which lip balm or lipstick to use first?

1. Which one should be used first, lip balm or lipstick?

Generally speaking, lip balm is used before applying lipstick, thinking that lip balm has a lip moisturizing effect and can also isolate the damage of chemical substances in cosmetics to the lip skin, while lipstick belongs to cosmetics, and its texture is dry and hard. Using it alone can easily cause dry and dehydrated lips, so it is a makeup habit for many girls to apply lipstick before applying lipstick. Of course, if you feel that your lips are not moist and shiny after applying lipstick, you can also apply another layer of moisturizing colourless lipstick.

2. Do lipsticks and lipsticks have to be used at the same time?

Applying a layer of lip balm before applying lipstick is a necessary step in makeup, so do girls have to use lip balm and lipstick at the same time when applying lip makeup? What are the adverse effects on the lips if one is used alone? Girls who pay attention to skin care are usually very concerned about the damage of chemical substances in cosmetics to the skin, so how to use these two types of cosmetics, lipstick and lipstick?

The combination of lip balm and lipstick is only an insurance move when it comes to beautifying the lips, of course, this is not absolute. It is also necessary for girls to decide whether to use lip balm when applying lipstick. It also depends on the dryness and wetness of the lips. If the lips are relatively dry, it is most beneficial to apply moisturizing lipstick first. In addition, chemical substances such as pigments are added to the lipstick. For girls with allergic skin, their lips are more prone to "lipstick diseases" such as itching, dryness, and peeling after touching the lipstick , so the isolation effect of the lipstick is more necessary. Of course, the current lipstick also has a certain coloring effect. If the girls have no other makeup needs, it is also possible to use the lipstick alone.

3. Makeup remover for lip balm and lipstick

Both lipsticks and lipsticks can be removed with cotton pads and makeup removers. Girls can first completely wet the cotton pad with makeup remover, cover it on the lips and let it sit for about 3 seconds, then gently wipe off the lipstick and lip balm on the surface of the lips, then change a new cotton pad, dip the same Use the makeup remover to wipe off the lipstick or lip balm remaining in the folds of the lips. In this process, you can also use a cotton swab to wipe off the residual makeup completely by wiping up and down.

The skin on the lips is more fragile than the skin on the face. If the makeup is not removed in time, the makeup accumulated in the crevices of the lips for a long time will hinder the normal operation and breathing of the skin, making the lips darker and darker. Over time, the lips will appear old. So girls must pay attention to the makeup removal work of the lip skin.

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