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Do You Know How to Use a Concealer?

A concealer is supposed to an indispensable member in a female's makeup bag, and it might be used in daily makeup procedures. Using a concealer to cover freckles, pimples and dark circles under your eyes is a nice idea. Then how to use a concealer?

1. How to use the concealer?

Experienced girls know that a concealer is used before liquid foundation, mainly smearing on parts that need to be concealed, and using the liquid foundation on your face will be smoother and fitter after a concealer! A face concealer palette can be used with loose powder, just use a power brush with loose powder on it to brush parts that concealer adheres to. But there are several concealers of different colors, do you know their function?

Green concealers can conceal red parts, scars and pimples on your face. If there are many acnes on your face, it is wise to use a green concealer, but it can not be smeared on black parts on your face. Yellow concealers can be used to adjust skin color, and they are common in general, and the key is that the color is close to your skin, thus you can use this color freely. Then how to use pink concealers? Actually, pink concealers can neutralize grey or purple skins, such as black circles under your eyes, pimples or scars. Girls with such problems can use pink concealers without any worries!

In order to make the concealer more even, you can use the concealer products to point 4 or 5 points under your eyes, then use your makeup sponge to smear them gently. In this way, the concealer can adhere to your skin evenly!

2. How to select a concealer?

It is advised to choose a concealer whose color is lighter than your liquid foundation. Your skin color will be more even if you use a lighter concealer on your black or red parts before smearing other based foundations. But you need to remember, don't buy a too light or too dark concealer, or parts that is smeared with the concealer are still obvious after finishing the foundation.

Of course, all choices should be based on your skin, and your makeup will be better if you buy a concealer that is close to your skin. If your concealer is too light or too dark, there will be conspicuous patches on your face after smearing the liquid foundation, which is not beautiful! Last, parts where the skin is thinner are more sensitive, like the skin around your eyes, so you need to smear a thin layer of the concealer gently, and for other parts, you can alse smear more. But the concealer should spread evenly.

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