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Do You Know the Difference Between Moisturizer Cream and Face Cream?

Most people can't tell the difference between moisturizing cream and face cream, and some girls are always blind when choosing cosmetics. Moisturizer is a kind of face cream, but it is a liquid cosmetic product, mainly to replenish moisture to the skin. The moisture contained in the skin itself does not allow it to be lost easily, and it is compared with others, its water content and water retention The effect is higher. Moisturizer cream is a liquid cream cosmetic, which has good emollient and moisturizing effects, and can keep the skin moisturized. So what's the difference between a face cream and a moisturizer cream? In fact, creams and moisturizers have different effects, usage time, and moisturizing status.

1. Skin care effects of moisturizer creams and face creams

Under normal circumstances, face creams provide dual anti-aging effects, which can stimulate the new energy of cells, and at the same time, promote the synthesis of collagen, improve the uniformity of the skin, and make the complexion brighter. After long-term use, you can make your skin The skin becomes more refined. For moisturizers, the most important function is to moisturize, which can have a better moisturizing effect and make the face look moisturized. Generally, moisturizing creams contain water and oil ingredients, which have a greasy feeling when rubbed on the face, and are generally suitable for use in winter.

2. Skin care steps of moisturizer cream and face cream

Under normal circumstances, the use of face cream is to use face cream after lotion, and after face cream is sunscreen and sunscreen. However, for the use of moisturizing cream, you can replenish water after cleansing the skin, and you can use moisturizing cream after moisturizing, which can better lock in moisture. The skin care steps of moisturizing cream are not so troublesome, as long as you simply clean your skin, you can apply it on your face.

3. The texture of moisturizer cream and face cream is different

Although face cream and moisturizer cream are both types of skin care products, most moisturizers are in the form of a gel. Moreover, the texture of moisturizer cream is thicker than lotion, and lighter than lotion. Therefore, under normal circumstances, moisturizing cream is a product between lotion and lotion, and usually moisturizing cream can also be used directly instead of moisturizing water.

It is different for face cream, the texture of face cream is relatively light, smooth and greasy when used. The texture of the cream also determines the suitable skin type. There are four types of common cream textures: cream, lotion, gel, and facial cream, whose textures are more common.

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