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Do You Really Know How to Use a Face Mask?

As they grow older, girls use facial masks more and more. One mask a day has become a daily routine for many people. However, you find that your skin does not get better after applying so many face masks. Instead, you always get acne and evident out of oil. You just haven't mastered the skills of using facial masks. Different skin types need to use facial masks with different effects.

Ⅰ. Choose the suitable facial mask

Many people choose facial masks casually, thinking that their effects are the same. This is one of the big misunderstandings when using facial masks. It would help if you did not use volcanic mud clay mask casually. The better masks used by others may not be suitable for you. It would help if you chose a face mask that suits you.

If you have acne-prone skin, it is best not to use a solid moisturizing face mask, which will make your skin oilier. You can buy some refreshing face masks. It would be better if it had some cleansing effects. Assuming you have dry skin, a moisturizing facial mask is indispensable, and moisturizers can also be used. Note that if it is made of silk, it is good for the skin to absorb. If you want to achieve the whitening effect, remember not always to use a whitening face mask, as it will increase the burden on the skin, and a moisturizing facial mask should supplement it.

Ⅱ. The time for applying a facial mask

The face mask is not something you can apply anytime you want. Only when the mask is applied at the right time can its effect be maximized. The skin begins to absorb nutrients at night, so it is better to do maintenance at this time. The best period is between 9 pm and 11 pm.

In addition to choosing the right time, how long should the mask be applied? Don't think that you keep applying it if you feel that the mask is still hydrated. It will be fine for 15 minutes. It should not be too long. It is crucial not to apply the clarifying charcoal bubble mask every day. It will bring moisture to the skin in a short time. In the long run, it is not suitable for the skin to form dependence. The mask just bought can be applied continuously for two to three days and then every three days. It's best to go once a day.

Ⅲ. Steps you must follow after applying the mask

Some people go to bed or do nothing after applying the mask. This doesn't seem right.

First, you must wash your face with clean water. Whether the mask you use is refreshing or hydrating, this step should not be ignored. Otherwise, it is prone to acne.

Second, follow-up maintenance is necessary. After washing your face, don't be lazy. Continue to use lotion to paint your face. In summer, the frost can be avoided, but don't forget it in winter.

Third, the used mask still has a lot of essences left on it, don't waste it. Use it on the neck or ankle.

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