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Does Baby Need to Apply Baby Lotion in Summer?

During winter, the weather is dry and cold, which can result in rough and cracked skin if proper skincare is not provided. Therefore, parents usually moisturize their babies with lotion. In summer, some parents may think that it is unnecessary to apply baby lotion since babies tend to sweat more, but they are not sure. So, do babies need to use baby lotion during summer?

Baby lotion and the skin

We all know that baby skin is delicate and sensitive. Therefore, it is better not to use products that are not explicitly stated as safe for babies. However, during dry seasons like autumn and winter, newborns need something to help nourish their skin, lock in moisture, and prevent skin peeling due to dryness. So, is baby lotion good for the skin? Newborns need to apply baby lotion, especially during autumn when there is less oil produced by the skin, leading to eczema, apple-face, and red buttocks.

Do babies need to use baby lotion in summer?

Yes, parents should moisturize their babies with baby lotion during summer since high temperatures can cause dehydration, and baby skin is fragile. Therefore, parents need to hydrate their baby's skin properly to keep them comfortable. During summer, parents should take note of the following:


After waking up and after feeding, parents should gently wipe their babies' faces using a soft towel.


Parents should encourage their babies to drink more water in summer. After cleansing the face, parents can apply baby lotion or cream to hydrate the skin. It is also essential to moisturize after the baby takes a bath.

Sun protection

Baby skin is thin and vulnerable to sun damage. Therefore, parents must shield their babies from direct sunlight and use specialized sunscreen products when going out.

It is recommended to use baby skincare products like moisturizers, which help to hydrate and lock in moisture, alleviate dryness, and establish a barrier. There are three types of baby lotion products: lotion, cream, and oil, and they typically contain natural moisturizing factors that are good for baby skin. Baby oil, which contains natural mineral oil, is more effective for preventing cracking and nourishing the skin.

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