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Functional Cosmetics Trendy

Functional cosmetics have become a focus in the cosmetics industry in recent years. It's coming, it is very important to see it, and more important to catch it for each link of the cosmetics industry chain.

The market needs the true functional skincare products: Recognize the consumption drive:

Ingredients attention shifting to Function focus

That is because, on the one hand, the “skin issue” group is enlarging. The main causes of skin problems include extreme weather and environmental pollution, excessive skincare and makeup damage to the skin barrier, unhealthy dietary and living habits such as stay up late, heavy oil, heavy spicy, high sugar, and so on. These factors gradually normalize among the young groups.

On the other hand, more consumers focus on the function rather than only the ingredients. As consumers become more rational, determining factors are gradually returning to the private label skin products from the brand advertising, popularity. 

To suit such trends, many cosmetics enterprises especially the new corporate work hard to study the product efficacy and achieve the rigorous combination of formula, so that all products exported have higher safety and more real efficacy claims. Some famous brands even joins the functional Skin Care Research Institute to invite the dermatologist to participate in the research and develop the Functional efficacy project. 

We believe, for the brand with clear function and ingredients will rely on their effort to give the whole industry more experience. Being a cosmetics manufacturer need also strengthen self R&D capability.

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