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How to Apply Night Cream?

Night cream can add nutrition to the skin while locking in moisture, but should you apply it thinly or thickly? How much should you use each time?

Is it better to apply night cream thinly or thickly? 

You should not apply it too thickly, as this can cause the skin to be unable to breathe. Applying a thick layer of night cream can cause pore blockage, making the skin feel stuffy and prone to acne. Additionally, the skin may not look good as a result. Therefore, it is best not to apply too much before going to bed. The amount of night cream you apply depends on what you did before bedtime. If you did a lot of skin care, use a thin layer, but if you did less, use a thicker layer. Using too much skin care product can sometimes cause excess nutrition, leading to the formation of fatty bulges and pimples.

Does night cream feel sticky on your face?

  • If your skin feels sticky after applying skin care products, it means that your skin is not absorbing them. This could be due to the thickening of the skin's keratin layer. When the keratin layer is too thick, the skin will be unable to absorb water and nutrition.

  • Some people have poor skin absorption naturally, and the night cream they apply cannot penetrate the skin, which can result in a greasy feel. After the age of 25, skin absorption gradually decreases as a sign of skin aging.

  • Different skin types require different skin care products. If the skin care products you use do not match your skin type, you may feel oily.

  • It can also be due to the quality of the skin care products. With so many types of skin care products available, it is difficult to know what ingredients are in the cheaper, lower-quality products, and whether they will cause skin discomfort.

The correct way to apply night cream

  • Apply night cream in the same way as day cream, but use more massage techniques to penetrate deeper into the skin.

  • Use a press and hold method to apply night cream, to avoid the formation of small wrinkles. The best time to apply day and night creams is after washing your face. For night creams, you can also apply them after showering when the skin is slightly dry, as blood circulation is better and the absorption efficiency is higher. You should also use a special eye cream to take care of the delicate skin around your eyes.

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