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How to Use a Concealer to Cover Your Eye Bags?

Every girl wants to be beautiful without putting up her makeup, while most of girls have many skin problems, such as acne marks, freckles and melanin deposition. All these problems can affect your looks. Then someone argues, you can makeup, which will help you conceal these skin problems. During your makeup, the foundation of a concealer is to improve your skin conditions. The effect of a concealer is obvious, and it is normal for girls to have skin problems. Then it's time for a concealer to shine!  A little product can have magical effect. What a saviour for girls!

Ⅰ. How to use a concealer?

We often notice that many girls use a concealer at the last step of her makeup, but her makeup will be unnatural in this way, for the best concealer also has traces on your face. So, in general, the right order is using the concealer before the liquid foundation, then pushing some loose power on your whole face, and in this way, the concealer can blend better with the liquid foundation, finally, the makeup will looks more perfect. A too thin or too dense layer of the concealer will make your makeup unnatural. So choosing a concealer should be based on certain skin so as to show a healthy condition of your skin.

Ⅱ. How to use a concealer to cover your eye bags?

Step 1: Eye bags priming.

Choose a concealer whose color is most close to your own skin, and prime the outline of your big eye bags where the shadow sits, in order to make the color of your eye bags closer to you own skin. Your eye bags will be less obvious immediately! When priming, you should start from the parts under your eye bags, and spread evenly from top to bottom. And your priming is natural in this way!

Step 2: Inner eye corner brightening.

Your eyes may not be noticeable because of your big eye bags, especially, your inner eye corners are dull, so we can use a eye concealer stick with pearl particles to paint on your inner eye corners to lighten it, then use a brush to spread the concealer evenly under your eye bags. The above-mentioned way can conceal your puffy eye bags.

Step 3:  Eye puffiness eliminating.

If you has big eye bags, both your eyes and your eye bags look puffy. In order to eliminate, you can use a litter darker concealer to cover them. You can use your hand to smear, but do remember the transition between the concealer and your skin should be natural.

Step 4: Loose powder applying.

Last, while setting the make up, use loose powder to push your eye bags gently, which can make your makeup more natural and your eye bags will be smaller than that before putting on your make up.

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