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How to Use Loose Powder?

Loose powder is definitely a tool that is often used in makeup. It is also called makeup setting powder. As the name suggests, it is used when setting makeup. After the whole makeup is completed, loose powder is often used to prevent makeup from coming off, especially in summer, when sweating produces a lot of oil, loose powder can effectively absorb oil and fix makeup.

1. The role of loose powder

First of all, it is necessary to clarify what the specific left and right sides of loose powder are. The most important role of loose powder is to perfectly set the overall makeup and make the makeup more lasting. Loose powder also absorbs oil from your face and keeps your makeup looking shiny. When the color of makeup is uneven or inconsistent, loose powder can neutralize the problem of uneven skin tone and play a modifying role. But generally speaking, loose powder has relatively weak concealing ability, and is generally used in the last step of makeup to make the complexion more transparent and natural, and at the same time, it can lock in the moisture required by the skin, and give you firmness all day long. Even, delicate makeup effect. This shows how important loose powder is to a perfect makeup look.

2. The use of loose powder

Be sure to make the overall makeup look relatively fixed and then apply loose powder, so that the loose powder can exert its maximum effect. On the loose powder, you must remember that it is light and thin, and it is better to have less than more. Once the loose powder is applied too much, it will affect the transparency of the makeup, so that it will become thick, and it will also increase the burden of cleaning and bring unnecessary skin problems to the skin.

Gently brush loose powder around the eyes to prevent the eye shadow from falling off. You can also use loose powder on the neck and behind the ears, because only in this way can you maintain the coordination of the skin tone, but it should be noted that if there are wrinkles Women who don't want to use too much loose powder should not use too much powder, because the accumulation of loose powder can cause wrinkles to be more visible. The best way to use loose powder is with a brush. Dip a little bit of loose powder with a brush, tap off a portion of the powder on the back of your hand, and then lightly brush it on your face, so that the use of loose powder will make the makeup more transparent. If you accidentally get too much powder, you can choose a large, fluffy powder brush to swipe your face, which can easily and evenly brush off the excess powder.

In general, loose powder is also a powerful makeup tool. In addition to the most important makeup setting function, it can also effectively block skin blemishes, improve skin condition, and even whiten it. Therefore, mastering the use of loose powder can definitely make the overall makeup more brilliant, so everyone should practice a lot.

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