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Lipstick Application and Color Selection

Lip makeup is the most eye-catching part of your entire makeup, so whether you apply lipstick is related to the perfection of your entire makeup. Beautiful lipstick can cover up the imperfections on your lips, make your lips look pink, and make your lips look pink, making people heartbeating, so how to apply lipstick to look good?

Ⅰ. How to apply lipstick to look good?

1. Dip the lipstick with your fingers first or apply the lipstick directly on the lips, and do a good job of moisturizing the lips before applying. Place lip gloss in the center. 2. Apply a transparent lip gloss in the center to show a three-dimensional effect and increase the visual impact of the lips. 3. Apply with a lighter shade of the same color than lipstick to make the lips more textured, giving them a plump, fresh and moisturizing effect. 4. Apply with the same color that is darker than the lipstick, which can visually reduce the width of the lips and increase the thickness. It is suitable for those with thinner lips. 5. Apply different color lip glosses, it has a light artistic effect visually, but it is not exaggerated. As long as the colors are blended, a more dynamic style can be expressed.

Ⅱ. How to choose lipstick color?

Lipstick is equivalent to a woman's second face. The choice of lipstick is related to the perfection of your entire makeup, so how to choose lipstick color? You can choose according to the following criteria.

First, choose according to skin color. Skin tone is the number one consideration when choosing makeup, and lipstick selection is no exception. For those with dull and yellowish skin, you can choose darker reds in warm colors, such as maroon, plum red, dark brown and other colors that make the skin appear fair. If you have fair skin, you can choose cool color lipsticks, such as purple, rose, pink and so on.

Second, choose according to personal temperament. Charming and sexy girls can choose dark lipsticks such as red, dark berry, and smoked purple. Elegant and delicate girls can choose lipsticks in rose red, fuchsia or tan. Pure and lovely girls can choose pink and elegant lipsticks, such as pink, pink purple, pink orange and so on.

Third, choose according to the occasion. When attending a party, you can choose peach to make yourself look dazzling. When participating in outdoor activities, you can choose a pearl-based lipstick without luster, which makes people feel full of vitality. When participating in an interview, you can choose pink to make yourself look decent and serious without being pretentious.

Fourth, choose according to the color of the clothes. Wear black, you should choose pink or rose lipstick. Wear white and choose taupe or pink lipstick. When wearing red or purple clothes, it is best to choose lipsticks of the same color, and do not choose red lipsticks when wearing purple clothes.

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