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Production Processes


Jotim has a 100,000-level dust-free bacterialization lab, a 300,000-level dust-free purification workshop of 20,000 m2, 15 production lines for skincare products, and 15 production lines for makeup products. Manufacturing Division is the key of our factory. They are composed of several functional units:

1 Pure water System

Connected RO (Reverse Osmosis) System and EDI (Electro Delonized) System to produce pure water.

2 Manufacturing System

1) Weighing Raw materials: Weigh the different raw materials according to their different features. All the data are controlled by the computer system to make sure accuracy.

2) Content manufacturing: All the raw materials will be put into the equipment. Generally speaking, all the cosmetic products will be in the separated procedure such as melting, scattering, emulsification, and sieving powder, etc. The whole system is in conformity with the ISO and GMPC standards.

3) Contents Fillings: All the contents are filled in different packagings, such as Jar, tube, bottle, etc.

4) Packing: All the finished products will be packed in boxes, cartons, etc.

Production Capacity Per Day
Production Capacity/Day
1Oil&Wax Base Products(Lipstick, lipgloss, lip balm, etc)300,000
2Oil&Wax Base Products(Brow pen, Mascara, etc)150,000
3Emulsification Products(Makeup Foundation etc)100,000
4Emulsification Products(Skincare cream, Lotion, etc)200,000
5Powder Products(Dry, Wet, Baking Powder, etc)400,000
6Face Mask Products100,000



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