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Marketing Department

Marketing Department 

Cosmetics and skincare market information collection and analysis, future trends forecast and innovation, to provide you with a complete solution, including formula, packaging and so on.  

Raw material

Research the latest raw materials in the industry and poplur ones in the market , establish good cooperative relationship with many raw material companies,  apply them to product development,Always at the forefront of the industry and market, keep you informed of the latest news, provide the latest products  


Makeup features and skincare concepts vary in different countries and regions. Understand market  trends, regulatory changes and latest products, predict future trends and make your products stand out in the market. 


Study market trends, color variations and preferences of different markets, develop new packaging material designs for customers to choose.

Fashionable and with distinctive characteristics

Information transformation

It is important to collect and sort out market and industry information, but how to translate it into products needed by the market is more important.  Jotim is committed to providing you with practical solutions.

  • Information collection

  • Audit&Assessment

  • R&D

  • Sample testing

  • Sample evaluation

  • Sample trial

  • Feedback

  • Adjusting

  • Product recommendations

  • Customer choose

  • Adjust several times until  satisfied

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