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Matching and Selection of Eyeshadow

The success or failure of makeup is largely determined by eye makeup, and eye shadow is like a base color. Different colours of eye shadow and different painting methods can completely change a person's appearance. Oh! The importance of eyeshadow for inner double girls is even more self-evident. But, do you know what eye shadow colour is suitable for you in the inner double?

We all know that eye shadow can be divided into shadow color, bright color, and accent color. Shadow colors are convergent colors. They should be shaded when they are applied to areas where you want to be concave or narrow. Shadow colors generally include dark grey and dark brown; bright colors are also prominent colors. Apply to areas where you want to appear tall and wide. Bright colors are general. It is whitish, including beige, off-white, white and pearly pale pink; the accent color can be any color, and its real mission is to express its meaning and attract people's attention. Different makeup types have other eye shadow color effects. What color eye shadow kit is the most suitable?

Ⅰ. The color matching of daily makeup eye shadow

The commonly used vegan makeup eyeshadow kit colors for daily makeup are light brown, dark brown, blue-grey, violet, beige, white, powdery white, bright yellow, etc. Eyeshadow color matching: dark brown with bright yellow, the color is warmer, and the makeup has apparent light and unclear effects; light coffee with beige, neutral and friendly, the makeup looks simple; blue and gray with white, the color is cold, and the makeup seems refined; Violet and silvery white, the color is cold , the makeup looks refined and charming.

Ⅱ. The color matching of eye shadow for party 

The commonly used color stick eyeshadow kit colors for party makeup are: dark brown, light brown, grey, blue-grey, blue, purple, orange, orange, goose, silver, silver, powder white, blue and white, beige, pearlescent Wait. Eyeshadow color matching: dark coffee with light coffee, orange-red, bright yellow, warm colors, the makeup looks simple, passionate, and full of vitality; gray with blue-grey, purple, silver, cold colors, the makeup looks elegant and refined; blue-grey With purple, pink and white, neutral and cold, the makeup looks elegant.

Ⅲ. The trendy makeup and eye shadow color matching

The colors of eye shadow kits commonly used in fashion makeup are: blue, green, goose yellow, orange-yellow, purple-brown, silver, blue and white, rose red, cherry red and so on. Eyeshadow color matching: blue with orange and silver, warm and vivid; green with goose yellow, cherry red, the makeup looks warm and charming; purple-brown with rose red, orange, blue and white, the makeup looks warm and elegant.

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