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Baby Shower Lotion

Our own brand"Forkids" Baby Shower Lotion is one series of shower lotion for babies containing different Chinese herbs, such as Artemisia argyi, Marigold, Gardenia fruit, Honeysuckle flower, Purslane, Astragalus root, Lavender, etc. These traditional baby shower lotion will be healthy for your babies' daily lives. 

Full of Herbs extracts to take good care of baby skins

Artemisia argyi: Suit for babies with diarrhea

Marigold: Suit for babies with itchy skin and red spots

Gardenia fruit: Suit for babies with physiological jaundice

Honeysuckle flower: Suit for babies with colds and mild fevers

Purslane: Suit for babies with itchy skin and prickly heat

Astragalus root:

Lavender: Baby shower lotion suit for babies with trouble sleeping

Types of Baby Shower Lotion

Baby Shower Lotion Uses

Our Baby Shower Lotion is specially formulated to help babies take bath to clean and avoid some skin diseases. We use the Chinese traditional herbs inside and many ingredients are extracted from natural plants. All these products can be used with water and give the skins cleaning and nice care.

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