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Concealer & Color Correct

concealer product can be regarded as a kind of foundation, The difference is that it has better hiding power than a regular foundation. According to different textures, concealer products can be divided into a stick, cream, liquid, powder, and so on. The stick is dry and poor in ductility, but it has good concealer power. The cream moisturizes

slightly better than the stick. The liquid's moisture degree and extension are very good.

Types of Concealer & Color Correct

Concealer & Color Correct Uses

Concealer products are usually a small area of local use, not suitable for the whole face. Before making up, you need to cover all the blemishes on your face first, such as dark circles, red spots, acne marks. Then we can make immaculate skin. There are also many products that have requirements to increase the effectiveness of skin care. Jotim can produce all kinds of concealer products with good quality and reasonable price.

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