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Disinfection Products

Our disinfection products including Rinsing Free Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer, Alcohol Disinfection Spray and Tea Tree Oil Antiseptic Liquid. According to its different texture, it can be gel form, and liquid form to meet different customers’ demands. Different bottle types and product capacity are available for your selection.

Types of Disinfection Products

Disinfection Products Uses

Get your living environment cleaned and your body heathy by using our disinfection products during this epidemic period. 

The disinfection products are with the founction of effectively eliminating 99.99% of common harmful germs and bacteria in as little as 15 seconds without damaging your skins, living your a healthy environment, protecting your body, as well as provide you moisturizers.

It is great to use everywhere: at home, at work&school, and on the go.



This is great Sanitizer of high quality to get in such crisis. I would like to thanks it for speedy delivery. Highly recommended.

Andrew Hazard

Just the right size to keep in my purse especially when traveling!  The cap seems a bit flimsy however it's holding up fine so far.

Ashley Frmer

I use it on sheets, in the car, the bathroom, anywhere that needs disinfecting. To all those who didn't like the spray nozzle: I couldn't disagree more. It's non-aerosol and still produces a fine mist with no splatter; and it's easy to engage.

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