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Eye Care

Take care of your eye area skins with our eye care products. Your eyes will thank you! Your eye area skin is extremely delicate since it is much more sensitive than the rest of your skin. Say hello to healthy eye area skin with eye cream and eye refresh roller from Jotim. 

Types of Eye Care

Eye Care Uses

The moisturizing eye cream could deeply moisturizes the eye area while minimizing dark circles. The anti-aging eye cream could tighten the skin around the eyes and reduce dry and fine lines. The eye refresh roller with the massage ball could be leaving your eyes looking refreshed.

The eye care products are suited for daily use to brighten and moisturize your eye area skins.



1. I bought this because I wanted to see if it would get rid of the bags under my eyes. I really didn't expect much. Although this didn't get rid of the bags (been using about 4 weeks, once in the morning and again before bed) they did seem a bit smaller. I will continue to use it until It is gone. Maybe by then, these bags will be gone. It does seem to last a while. I have very sensitive skin and this eye cream didn't bother the skin around my eyes at all!

Elizabeth B

I've been using this product for a few months and have noticed that my under-eye area seems to look more hydrated and fuller. I'm only 20 but staying up late from studying really took a toll on my under eyes, they looked dark and sunken all the time - even after getting a good night's rest! My mom has tried it but it didn't do much for her, it doesn't seem to contain any anti-aging properties. I think that this product is better suited for those younger, maybe from the twenties to thirties.

Sarah Pittrof

This eye cream worked straight away on my fine lines. It's really hydrating. I’ve used expensive eye creams in the past but in my opinion, this works better for me.

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