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Eye Makeup

Eye makeup products are used around the eyes to decorate the eyes, thus making the eyes vivid and a trendy look on the whole face. They are mainly applied on the area of eyebrows, eyelashes, eyelids and skin around the eyes.

Types of Eye Makeup

Our Eyebrow products include eyebrow pencils, multifunctional eyebrow pencils, eyebrow powder, eyebrow cream, etc. Eyebrow pencil can be categoried to Ultra-precise eyebrow pencil, sketch eyebrow pencil ...
Our mascara product include mascara primer, volumizing mascara, lengthening mascara, curling mascara, curling & lengthening mascara, transparent styling mascara, etc. The mascara is smudge-free an...
Eyeliner refers to a kind of pen or pencil drawing the line over the eyelids either upper or lower( usually upper). Its main function is to highlight the appearance of the eyes, making the eyes look e...
False Eyelashes & Lash Kit
Winged & bold luxe lashes, elegant and curved strip lashes, natural-looking lashes, daramatic lashes, 3D Lashes, or magetic lashes? Get long, thick lashes for a seductive eye look with fake eyelas...

As the eye is a very sensitive part, we pursue the raw material of eye makeup safe and non-irritant. So far, we provide eye makeup products including Eyeshadow, Eyebrow pencil, Mascara, Eyeliner, Eye primer, Eye concealer and False eyelashes & lashes kits. Eyeshadow occupies large part of eye makeup products.

Steps to use eye makeup products

Our eye makeup products constitute to make a fine eye makeup as below:

1. Eye primer: gently apply to make long-lasting and non-smudge makeup

2. Eye concealer: conceal various spots and blemishes before makeup

3. Eyeshadow: highly-pigmented shadows glide onto lids & make eyes pop with color

4. Eyeliner: outline the eyes to make them look bigger and brightening

5. Mascara: color the eyelashes make eyelashes color, make a clean face look thick and long, curly, so that the shape of the eyelashes look neat and beautiful, to enhance the charm of the eyes.

6. False eyelashes: paste the artificial eyelashes to beautify the eyes. They are generally lengthened and thickened to make the eyes look bigger, brighter, fuller and more vivid.

7. Eyebrow pencil: draw the eyebrow to make the whole face energetic and vivid.

We focus on three things while developing our eye makeup products. They are safe raw material, simple formula and a wide variety of colors and packaging that can turn a simple formula into a fun product.

Types of eye makeup palette

1. Pie-shaped powdery eye shadow

This is the most common type of eye shadow and the most widely used type of eye shadow.  There are many methods to use, such as finger belly, eye shadow stick, eye shadow brush and other tools to achieve different results. However, this kind of eye shadow is more likely to take off makeup due to sweating, oiling or water. 

2. Loose powder eye shadow

Such as honey powder texture of delicate eye shadow powder, mostly in small bottles, professional make-up brands more often launch such products. This kind of eye shadow can be divided into bright or foggy texture used as general eye shadow, or special eye shadow with two pieces. However, the adhesion of this kind of eye shadow is relatively weak, so it is recommended to use a layer of media, such as frost, liquid eye shadow or adhesive. 

3. Ointment eye shadow

This kind of eye shadow oil content is higher, the texture is more moisturizing and lubricating, which can increase the color saturation. It is easy to apply and push, usually with the eye shadow stick of the spongy head of the finger abdomen to push the halo dye evenly. Color effect gives people more oil, service, translucent feeling, can be used to lay the foundation before applying eye shadow, and powdery eye shadow match with each other has a very good color effect. 

4. Frost eye shadow

The texture between water and paste has better adhesion than powdery eye shadow, so many makeup artists also use frost eye shadow as a base, together with eye shadow products containing pearlescent or large particles and sequins to create a bright effect. This article is originally arranged by Xiao Shan sally. Please note that it comes from the treasure book of eye makeup. 

5. Honey eye shadow

The texture of water-based products is lighter and lighter than frost or cream eye shadow, and it is not as thick or obedient as powdery eye shadow. But the disadvantage is that it produces creases in the blink of an eye, so it is dominated by a small amount of thin push.

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