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Eyeliner refers to a kind of pen or pencil drawing a line over the eyelids either upper or lower( usually upper). Its main function is to highlight the appearance of the eyes, making the eyes look energetic and dramatic. It is applied either before or after eyeshadow according to the eyeshadow shade. As a professional eyeliner manufacturer, We develop eyeliners in both solid and liquid states. As this is most close to the eyes, we emphasize the care of the eyelids and also the development of safe formulas. The liquid-form eyeliner is based on water and sourced with the latest assessment of security using the latest colour palettes and packaging trends. We provide liquid eyeliner and eyeliner pens in this form. The new item is magnetic eyeliner, which has the function to attract false eyelashes. For solid eyeliner such as Retractable Eyeliner and eyeliner cream, the main ingredients are synthetic wax. The solid form is easier for the green hand to control drawing.



I love the black color and used it daily to draw a more or less strong and long eyeliner. I Am well-practiced and the line always fits.

Melanie Howie

Very smooth application and doesn't smudge. Beautiful rich brown color, easy to apply. Good value for the price.

Anya Janik

The eyeliner is easy to use and I even used it on my waterline because I have small eyes and that stayed on all day as well. It is of good quality and does not irritate the eyes. It really is what I was looking for.

Johanna Epley
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