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When it comes to eye makeup, eyeshadow can do almost everything. It is applied to the skin around the eye, giving both color and shadow to make the eyes more three-dimensional. It can be made in different forms such as powder, liquid and sheets in diverse colors.

Powder eyeshadow is most common in that market. The craft can be either compressed or baked. The compressed eyeshadow is relatively dry, and the texture is fine. The baked eyeshadow is a new craft with a texture relative wet and soft, and easy to apply. The innovative craft is to emboss the design on the surface or make a 3D appearance. The different combinations of the shades suit different styles and groups on occasion. Light beige and brown tones create a natural look; classic, nude looks as well as smokey eyes go well with every eye color; green and lilac tones are generally better colors for brown eyes. If you have grey eyes, pls go for grey or rose shades. For blue eyes, pls go for yellow or apricot shades. The most common packaging that suits the eyeshadow is the palette in different quantity shades, from a single shade to even much to a hundred.

Different from powder eyeshadow, the trait of Eyeshadow Stick is easy to control the applying area since it's like a pencil to draw. And the Shimmering Eye shadow is in sheet shape to add a sparkling effect. Liquid eyeshadow is the only kind of eyeshadow in liquid form with the best pigment effect.



Amazing palette! Very pigmented, beautiful colors.

Tamia Grey

I'm a beginner and I was trying to get something cheap to learn and this palette has great pigmentation and a great variety of colors.

Julia Owens

Absolutely BEST, most intoxicating eyeshadow COLOR ever created, Highly recommend.

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