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Face Cleanser

Face Cleanser is a widely used, long-used product, Its main function is to remove excess oil and dust, adjust water&oil balance. Make the skin as clean and non-invasive as possible, Provide good physiological conditions for the skin. Commonly used facial cleaning products include face wash, cleaning mask, etc. Jotim strictly comply with the laws of all countries, never use any prohibited raw materials, under the premise of meeting customer's product demand.

Types of Face Cleanser

Face Cleanser Uses

Facial cleansers are usually classified as foamless and foamed. The more foam the product has, the stronger its cleaning ability will be, which is more suitable for people with oily skin, Products with more moisturizing ingredients, on the other hand, had less foam. Which is suitable for people with dry skin. Other common facial cleansers are masks, sticks, mud and so on. Almost all facial cleansers have other benefits, such as skincare, in addition to their basic cleaning functions.

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