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Face Moisturizer

The face moisturizer including hydration face cream, daily moisturizer, blasting moisturizing cream, nourishing night cream, oil control cream, hydrating facial toner, facial oil, prep&hydrating balm, etc meet different people's demands.

Take care of your face skin with our products. Your skins will thank you! 

Types of Vegan Cruelty Free Face Moisturizer

Vegan cruelty-Free Face moisturizer uses

The face cruelty free moisturizers has diverse applications and is mainly used for various purposes including skin treatment, skin repair, anti-aging, and others. A large range of vegan cruelty free face moisturizer formulas is available for various skin types. Such as dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, and also mature skin. 

Applying vegan cruelty free moisturizer is part of every daily beauty care ritual. Jotim's cruelty free body moisturizer provide you long-lasting hydration, leaving you with healthy-looking and fresh skin.

The importance of cruelty-free vegan face moisturiser

Using vegan face moisturizer can not only prevent innocent animals from being harmed. Vegan and cruelty free face moisturizer and vegan body moisturizer are harmless to you, too. Cruelty free face moisturizer tends to consider all natural and safe ingredients, such as natural additives and perfume essential oils. Cruelty free face moisturiser no longer needs animal experiments in the production process, and is replaced by non-toxic ingredients, which is a wiser choice for animals, users and producers.

The main benefit of switching to vegan and cruelty-free body moisturizers is that private-label makeup manufacturers tend to choose harmless ingredients. It is easier to extract vegetable oils and fats from animal products than to extract oil from non-natural chemicals to make private label moisturizers.

Vegan skincare manufacturer products tend to be more reliable, we pursue health and beauty together, you can determine through the vegan cruelty free face moisturizer ingredient label, our products use botanical substitutes to achieve skin health protection.

Using type of moisturier is also good for environmental protection. Scientific research shows that using face moisturizer vegan reduces people's carbon footprint by about 73 per cent. For people who are not vegans, the use of cruelty free moisturizers in daily skin care practices still contributes to the environment.



I'm on my third jar of this stuff and it's an amazing moisturizer. Worth every penny. I use this at night before I sleep after toner and my skin is fresh for the day. As long as this is available I will keep purchasing it.


I love this face cream. No smell at all soaks into the skin very nicely.

Macoroni Fan

I love this product. I use a moisturizer/primer and wear it even when I'm not putting on makeup. It hydrates my skin so well. But feels sheer and weightless.

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