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The main function of foundation is to uniform skin tone and conceal blemishes. Leaves skin shiny and healthy, Through the reasonable use of different colors, make facial three-dimensional feeling enhanced. Foundation can not only even the color of skin but also can protect the skin, adjust skin properties. they can be made in cream, liquid and solid form and can be either thick or thin to suit different condition or different skins.

Types of Foundation

Foundation Uses

Foundation should be selected according to skin color and skin quality, so makeup can be more natural. Depending on the texture of the foundation, we need to use different tools, such as fingers, sponges, brushes, etc.

Commonly used raw materials include petroleum jelly, liquid paraffin, lanolin and its derivatives, vegetable oil, silicone oil and other oily raw materials, Sometimes we also need to add nutrients to tone up the skin, such as plant extract.

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