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Lip Gloss

Lip gloss can be produced with a variety of textures to be fit for different social occasions, such as matte, shiny, glossy, and metallic, etc. According to its texture, Lip gloss can be cataloged in Liquid matte lipstick, Liquid moisturizing lipstick, lip lacquer, radiant lip stain, and jelly pop juicy gloss, etc. 

Lip gloss can be filled in different packagings, such as plastic container tubes, soft tubes, vials, etc.

Nowadays lip gloss is accepted by more people who are in pursuit of beauty because of the advantages of simple makeup, high moisture, and a variety of colors. So don't miss it!

Types of Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss Uses

Lip gloss is lip makeup applied directly on the lips or on lipstick. The lip gloss enriches the lips by adding multicolors. The status of lip gloss is usually in the form of a liquid or semi-liquid, and the range from translucent to opacity. The main ingredients of lip gloss are various oils, thickeners, pigments, and functional additives.

Before the launch of lip gloss, dressers would cover transparent lip gloss on the top of the lipstick to create a lip plumping effect. Later, Liquid lipstick was created together with high pigmentation and gloss to have a simple makeup. Different from a liquid lipstick, lip lacquer & radiant lip stain & jelly pop juicy gloss is usually with low pigmentation, high moisturizing grease, and glitter ingredients.


Lip Gloss Review

This lip gloss stays on for a long time and doesn't look to young for this 59-year-old lady. It's also very moisturizing.


-Absolutely LOVE the color.

-Stays on for a very long time.

-Easy to toss in my purse for the day.

Susan Sutherlin

Creamy, thick, glossy, luscious, not sticky at all. Super hydrating. Buying more. I recommend 100%. Surprising better than many lux brands on the market.

Rissa Cortez

The best lip gloss EVER. it's incredibly smoothing and fills in all the little lines on my lips. The glitter is muted and doesn't steal the show at all. Not to mention it is none sticky or tacky, and the hyaluronic acid makes my lips super plump.

Bonita Applebum
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