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Lip Makeup

As an integrated manufacturer for cosmetics for more than fifteen years, we now provide lip makeup products into 6 categories according to texture and function.

Lip Makeup Collections

Colorful Lipstick with safe ingredients and customized package designs, melting into your lips leaving you with a confident and charming feel.
Lip Gloss
Lip gloss can create light and oily colors on your lips, creating more dimensional and vivid feelings. Convenient to use and change. Our lip gloss also contains lip care ingredients.
Lip Liner
The lip liner creates defined and enhanced lips that are blended to perfection! The smooth gliding pencil applies color precisely and accurately with no sharpening needed.
Lip Balms & Treatments
As an important part of makeup, Lip needs more care and treatments. We have lip balm, lip exfoliator, lip oil, lip primer products to provide your lip with high-quality care. Making your lip look more healthy and wonderful!

Lip Makeup Ideas

Lip makeup products are used on the lip to show the colors, protect the lip to be dry and cracked. It is a daily used makeup product for people. There are different forms such as lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, lip liner, etc. Since these products directly contact the mouse so there are extremely strict on the ingredients. The products' standards require stable features, nice pigment, nontoxic and harmless and easy to use, etc. The basic ingredients are colorings,oil&wax, and flavorings. After confirming a formula, put the colorings into the oil&wax to mix. Increase the temperature then mill again. Low the temperature to fill and pack in different style packagings automatically. We possess 3 lines of imported lipstick manufacturing machine from Korea to produce high-quality lip series makeup products with reasonable costs.

Lip Cosmetics

Lip Makeup refers to the makeup on lips, which enriches the lips with color and luster, and meanwhile protects the lips from dryness. It plays an important role in the whole makeup. A well-executed makeup mainly depends on a delicate lip since its outstanding color will always go into people's first sight. Even you don't make up your face, light makeup on your lip will make you look charming. 

Lip cosmetics are lipstick, lip gloss, lip concealer, lip powder, lip mud, lip liner, and lip balm& treatment. Lipstick and lip liner are in solid form with a high pigment effect. Lip balm&treatment are also in solid form but focused more on lip care. Lip gloss is in liquid form and can be made either thick or thin to suit different lips. Different from the former traditional ones, Lip mud is newly launched in semisolid form and Lip powder is in powder form. All of them can be customized to meet different needs.

Vegan Lip Makeup

To follow the constantly updated cosmetics industry, more new lip makeup products will be explored and provided for your better choices. Vegan lip makeup does not have any ingredients from animals, which means that Jotim's lipstick concealer,lip cosmetics will not use beeswax, honey, lanolin, keratin, collagen, squalane and other ingredients, but will use alternatives such as coconut oil and mango butter. In addition, "vegetarian makeup" also means never using animal experiments. As Lip makeup products are directly applied to the lips and easy to enter the mouth, there are high requirements for safety. They should be non-toxic to the human body and non-irritating to the mucosa. The base raw materials mainly are wax and oil.

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