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Lipstick can be produced with a variety of textures to be fit for different social occasions, such as matte, shiny, and metallic, etc. According to its texture, Lipstick can be catalogued in foggy matte Lipstick, moisturizing lipstick, metallic glitter Lipstick, etc.

Lipstick can be filled in different packagings, such as plastic container tubes, palettes, etc. According to different packaging, lipstick can be catalogued in normal lipstick, lipstick pen, lipstick palette, etc.

Nowadays lipstick is accepted by more people who are in pursuit of beauty because of the advantages of simple makeup and variety of colors. So don't miss it!

Types of Lipstick

Lipstick Uses

Lipstick lip makeup applied directly on the lips to enrich the lips by adding multicolors. The status of lipstick is usually in solid form. The main ingredients of lipstick are various oils, thickeners, pigments and functional additives.

Our lipsticks give your lips a touch of brilliance and sensuality. Lipstick is not just regular, everyday makeup, it's also a gorgeous accessory that lets you make a statement. Turn your lips into real eye-catchers with the lipstick. At the same time, our lipsticks moisturize and protect the sensitive skin on your lips with their high-quality ingredients.



Perfect natural shade! I've literally been looking for the perfect natural shade forever! Not too sheer, not too pink, not too nude. I have pale skin and middle-aged. Even my daughter loved it!

Aiden Helzer

I did not find this lipstick to be any better than the average drug store lipstick. Loved the color but felt could have saved lots of money. Did not stay on any longer wasn't any creamier.


Exactly as described. The color may be considered a norm dark red but it is definitely a good winter red! I love urban decay lipsticks!

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