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Makeup Set

The makeup set contains isolation cream, concealer, eye foundation, pressed powder, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil, blush, lip gloss, etc. Full face makeup brush set is used together to decorate the face in all directions, which is more suitable for beginners in makeup.

Full face makeup brush set tools

1. Brush for your face: cosmetics shops have group brushes that sell that kind of suit, choose the ones with soft hair, not very long penholder and easy to hold. Beauty facial brushes including loose brushes, blush brushes, eyebrow brushes, eyebrow brushes, lip brushes, eyeliner brushes, more than 2 large and small eye shadow brushes, several double-sided sponge eye shadow sticks are enough.

2. One is the sponge puff for foundation, choosing the one with high density and good elasticity, and the kind of small triangle used by instructor is mgpin, but there are many kinds of cosmetics to choose from, which is related to the quality of makeup on foundation, so you have to sacrifice your capital. One is the powder powder and hand cushion powder puff, the size is right, the little finger is firmly hooked in, and the cotton wool feels good.

3. Eyebrow knife, eyebrow scissors, eyebrow forceps (tweezers), eyelash curlers.

What are the full face makeup brush set products

Wash your face before putting on makeup, apply cream lotion and apply a thin layer of moisturizer. After absorption, put on the isolation cream, and the simplest preparation work is completed. If your skin is oily, just touch a layer of refreshing lotion.

Step 1: Face sponge for foundation

Squeeze out some foundation liquid, use the foundation liquid special sponge to smear evenly on the face, if the neck is exposed, then the neck should also be painted, otherwise the difference is very big, obviously want to cover. After applying the foundation, use the leisure cream to gently spot the defects, faint away and blend with the surroundings. Then use a cosmetic brush to brush the honey powder (or loose powder) all over the face (neck), evenly and thinly.

Step 2: Eye blending brush set

Including eyebrow pencil, eyeliner (eyeliner), mascara, eye shadow and so on. The makeup of the eyes is very important, whether the makeup is good or not depends to a large extent on the eyes. Eyebrow pencil and mascara are indispensable, eyeliner requirements are relatively high, you can wait for skilled painting later. I don't think eye shadow is necessary, especially the bright color is not suitable for many occasions. But it doesn't matter if you paint thicker at night.

Step 3: Make-up brush set

Including blush, lipstick and eye shadow mentioned above,the brow concealer brush and eye blending brush set, etc. would be used in this step.

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