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Setting Spray & Powder

Setting mist & powder are often used in the final step of makeup. They can effectively absorb excess oil on the face, reducing the gloss of the face. let makeup be more lasting smooth and delicate. the commonly used are white, purple, green, pink, blue and so on. the products produced by our company have lightweight and can hold makeup for a long time, hiding pores effectively.

Types of Setting Spray & Powder

Setting Spray & Powder Uses

Setting mist &powder often contain fine talcum powder to absorb oil and solve the motley makeup caused by oil secretion. they should not be overused, so as not to make the face of the fine lines highlighted, and make the skin unnatural. it can be used more on the wings of the nose. Jotim can produce powder, setting mist, powder ball, and other forms, a variety of colors, a variety of technology products.

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