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Skin Care

Skincare products are with the function of cleaning, protecting, and beautifying our facial skin. We have a wide range of skincare products that have been specially developed for all skin types-dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, and all mature skin. As one of the integrated private label makeup manufacturers of skin care products for more than fifteen years, Our OEM&ODM skin care products include face moisturizers, eye care, treatments&Serum, masks, face mist, face Cleansers, makeup removers, and body and hair care products. 

Types of Skin Care

Face Moisturizer
The face moisturizer including hydration face cream, daily moisturizer, blasting moisturizing cream, nourishing night cream, oil control cream, hydrating facial toner, facial oil, prep&hydrating b...
Eye Care
Take care of your eye area skins with our eye care products. Your eyes will thank you! Your eye area skin is extremely delicate since it is much more sensitive than the rest of your skin. Say hello to...
Treatments & Serum
The treatments&serum includs the products with targeted efficacy. Such as Magic spot gel, Gentle peeling exfoliant, Balance toner, Hydrating Serum, Antioxidant serum, Antioxisant golden serum, Arb...
Face Cleanser
Face Cleanser is a widely used, long-used product, Its main function is to remove excess oil and dust, adjust water&oil balance. Make the skin as clean and non-invasive as possible, Provide good phys...
Makeup Removers
Makeup removers are the first step to protect the skin, its main effect is not only removing the makeup look on the face but also be the step of a deep cleanness skin. Which can remove excess oil, dust, ...
Baby Cream
Our own brand"Forkids" baby cream contains many products, such as rice essence antiseptic healing cream, rice essence multifunctional baby cream, rice essence babycare Cream, etc. We use ext...
Baby Shower Lotion
Our own brand"Forkids" Baby Shower Lotion is one series of shower lotion for babies containing different Chinese herbs, such as Artemisia argyi, Marigold, Gardenia fruit, Honeysuckle flower,...
Baby Hand Wash
Our own brand"Forkids" baby hand wash contains the plants' extracts and use the gentle ingredients to clean your babies' hands. After the Covid-19 pandemics,we pay more attention to ...
Baby Body & Hair Care
Our own brand"Forkids" baby body&hair care products contain three items, there are rice essence baby bubble wash & shampoo, Rice essence baby lotion and Rice essence baby skincare oi...
Baby Summer Care
Our own brand"Forkids" baby summer care products contain many items, such as Asiatic wormwood essence, Rice Essence baby after-bite nursing sprayetc. We use extracts from rice as our main se...

Skin Care Ideas

Get a fresh and youthful complexion with Jotim's skin care products.

While doing skin care products we pay more attention to sourcing organic raw materials. We promise that the ingredients must have extremely strict requirement and need to be nontoxic and harmless.


Our laboratory develop new formulations seasonally like multi-purpose or special formulas to keep our customers on track with trends. We share our knowledge with you to develop more functional and fun skin care products to match perfectly the current market demand. To follow the constantly updated industry, more new skin care products will be explored and provided for your better choices.

How to choose the right skin care products? 

Choose skin care products from their own reality, oily skin and dry skin to choose skin care products are not the same. So how do you know your skin? Here is a way to give it a try. First wash the face with cleansing products, do not apply any care products, 30 minutes later with oil-absorbing paper to detect the face of oil, facial oil is mostly oily skin, moderate oil output is neutral skin, less or no oil means that you are dry skin, while the oil output of sensitive skin and mixed skin should be uneven, and there is a large gap between the oil output of sensitive skin and mixed skin, the oil output of facial oil is mostly oily skin, moderate amount of oil output is neutral skin, less or no oil means that you are dry skin, and the oil output of sensitive skin and mixed skin should be uneven, and there is a large gap. 

The most basic of all skin care is cleaning and rehydration, which is the first step of all skin care, and then choose the product according to the current problems of the skin: if the oil skin uses skin care products with high oil content, it's easy to develop acne! And if the dry skin uses a refreshing product, of course it will not be moist enough, and the skin will be dark and even dry. For example, adolescent women have acne troubles, they must use some appropriate anti-acne anti-inflammatory products or getting older, the skin begins to have some spots or wrinkles, then the need for freckle function and antioxidant products.

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