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R&D Department


5 independent laboratories cover a wide range of products

1) Powder Unit

2) Oil&Wax Unit

3) Emulsification Unit

4) Ingredients

5)Basic skin research

Jotim R&D Center’s teams thrive to make sure our customers are satisfied and get the product they need, when they need it. To fulfil this mission, we have expanded globally to increase our international footprint to support their projects. 

From the United States, Italy, South Korea, China, the industry leading team through continuous innovation, according to the fashion trend, leap thinking combined with new raw materials, to lead the international cosmetics market with excellent quality products.

Member Name 



Doctor of chemistry, have published dozens of papers, over the years by referring to the Oriental culture of medicine, the study of the efficacy of natural raw materials, natural active ingredients development and its application in cosmetics, the transformation of natural substances and so on.

Rossella Valenza

Expert in basic skin research, understanding skin structure and function, developing product efficacy for skin  

Stefano Todeschi

Italian team R&D manager, led our Italian team to develop a number of popular products  

Marissa Pomerantz

Team USA r&d manager who differentiates the brand through creative thinking and delivering unique beauty concepts to keep pace with evolving consumer awareness  

Cong Yunling

China team R&D manager, master of chemistry, well-known r&d expert in the industry, the team led by her has developed many popular products in the highly competitive Chinese market  

JOTIM continues to expand its already robust portfolio of natural cosmetic solutions while committing to operate in an ever more sustainable and environmental approach.

Our purpose is to celebrate and liberate the diversity of beauty. We challenge convention through invention, expanding horizons to enrich your reality with possibility.

Here we promise:

All products are cruelty free and vegan.

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