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R&D Field

Cosmetics research and development: cosmetics /skincare/body products/functional cosmetics/natural cosmetics/natural skin care  

Dermatology: Dermatology/safety evaluation/efficacy evaluation/instrumental analysis/microbiological analysis/packaging  research

Raw materials: Natural raw materials research

Cosmetics -  

Let beauty bloom, not only let every beauty lover through our products to show the best of themselves,but also maintain the skin.  

Main products: lipstick, lip gloss/liquid eyeliner, mascara/eye shadow,blush/foundation, primer /powder, loose powder/all cosmetics  

Skin care -

For the health and beauty of skin, we consult science and technology, study how to meet the needs of consumers, and develop products that meet international standards

Main products: toner/lotion/serum/cream/cleansing/mask/skin care products

Body products -  

Make skin more beautiful on the basis of clean and healthy skin  

Main products: body cleaning/body care  

Functional cosmetics -  

Obtain the highest standard efficacy cosmetics certification from the CFDA, and continue to develop products with excellent efficacy.  

Main products: anti-wrinkle/whitening/sunscreen and other functional cosmetics  

Natural skin care -  

Combine eastern medicine and western science to make skin care products more natural and healthier  

Dermatology -  

Based on the understanding of skin structure and function, we study anti-aging products and products to solve skin problems caused by environmental changes. For skin science research, we specially built cell culture room and clinical laboratory to conduct clinical trials on human skin and further study dermatol

Safety evaluation -  

To establish and guarantee the safety quality of new raw materials and new products through safety evaluation.  

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