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More than 800 domestic and foreign supplier management system, can provide  high quality products with reasonable price , stable product quality, competitive cost let your brand in the market more popular.   

Raw material procurement: all suppliers shall be strictly reviewed and comprehensively evaluated by our company;  After the inspection by the raw material quality department, it can be put into storage

Packaging materials procurement: JOTIM can provide a variety of packaging materials options,they can be put into storage only after QC inspection.

  • Supplier Information Collection

  • Factory audit

  • Factory evaluation

  • Qualified to obtain supplier qualification

  • Material purchasing

  • Qualified warehousing

  • Unqualified

  • Rework

  • Return 

Supplier  management system: supplier information, supplier qualification, production and equipment capacity, environmental management capacity, transportation capacity 

Supplier scoring system: timely rate of delivery, accuracy of delivery quantity, rationality of price, inspection rate of delivery batch, timely rate of complaint and rectification, timely rate of data provision, times of mixed packaging materials,  degree of cooperation  

Cooperative suppliers

Package Design

It is well-known that packages act a very important role in cosmetic products. we have more than 500 package suppliers to cooperate for you to select .

At the same time, professional and systematic services to ensure the perfect combination of materials and packaging .  

  • Product concept and direction

  • Choose packing material

  • Confirm the formula

  • Compatibility and stability testing

  • Design packaging  according to customer requirements and brand nature

  • Make sample

  • Modify

  • Confirm final plan

A dedicated Packaging Innovation team allows to turn trends and insights into packaging solutions, both captivating and functional, with a special focus on sustainability. 

360° customizing-approach that zeros in on your brand’s individuality. Offering one-of-a-kind products and packaging according to formulas that are expertly tailored to your needs. For an exclusive look & feel that will turn heads – and inspire your customers.

Packaging material design: brand nature, material and packaging compatibility, supplier selection, reasonable price, environmental protection

  • Skin type detection

  • Moisture testing

  • Skin irritation detection

  • Microbiological detection

  • Compatibility testing

  • Security testing

  • Anticorrosion testing

  • Content particle detection

  • Instrumental analysis 

Skin type detection: according to machine scan analysis of different skin characteristics.  

Moisturizing test: according to the machine to analyze the different moisturizing effects of the skin before and after using the product.  

Skin irritation test: try the same product for different skin types, different ages and different areas of the skin, and make a comprehensive evaluation of the trial effect of the product.  Collect and report the effectiveness of trial products after they are put into practice.  And compared with similar products  

Microbial detection: to test the type and number of microorganisms in semi-finished products and finished products with high standards.  

Compatibility testing: to simulate the compatibility of contents and packaging and the stability of products in different environments.  

Safety testing: simulating the safety of products in different environments.

Anti-corrosion testing: to test the anti-corrosion performance of preservatives

Content particle detection: Analysis of content particle size

Instrumental analysis: analysis of content composition and content

Legal Services 

Due to the features of cosmetics, It is necessary to pay attention to laws and regulations for makeup and skincare products of different countries , Jotim have a professional consultant team to provide you with recommendations on how to register and avoid the legal risks.


From raw material formulation to product delivery, according to your market regulations and product requirements, provide the best solution to avoid legal risks and save time &cost.

Professional - timely - comprehensive

Legal services: Raw material/formula/packaging /patent/regulations/environmental protection/cost

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