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The Functions of Makeup Removers

1. What is a makeup remover?

Makeup remover, also known as clarifying lotion, is a water-based cosmetic that removes light makeup. The water-soluble ingredients in the product are combined with dirt on the skin to achieve the purpose of quick makeup removal. The two main ingredients in makeup removers are oils and emulsifiers. Oil is generally vegetable oil, mineral oil, or synthetic ester, its role is to dissolve oily makeup and dirt; and the "emulsifier" should be a surfactant, which will produce an emulsifying effect, allowing water to encapsulate the oil, reducing the adhesion of sebum and dirt. Excessive makeup and oily dirt left on the skin not only clog the pores but also cause a dull complexion and affect the health of the skin. The best way to take care of your facial skin is to do a good job of removing makeup before resting at night.

2. The function of makeup removers

Makeup removers contain a lot of ingredients such as surfactants, moisturizers, etc., so this type of makeup remover is very powerful in cleaning. Makeup remover is mainly to remove the light makeup. It has a strong cleaning effect on light makeup, and The method is also relatively simple and suitable for most people to operate.

Makeup removers also have a certain moisturizing function when removing facial makeup. Relatively speaking, its makeup removal ability is stronger than its moisturizing ability. Therefore, after removing makeup, everyone should pay attention to moisturizing the face. Moreover, the makeup remover is more refreshing than other makeup removers, because it contains almost no oil, there is no oil film feeling. And because it is watery, it needs to be combined with a makeup cotton to remove makeup better.

It is best to close your eyes when removing makeup. Although the makeup remover is less irritating to the eyeball, there will be a lot of makeup on the eyes, so once these makeups enter the eyeball, it will also cause irritation to the eyeball, especially when removing mascara. You need to gently wipe the eyelashes in the direction of the growth of the eyelashes with a makeup remover to ensure that the mascara of each eyelashes can be cleaned.

You don't have to use a makeup remover every day to deep clean or get rid of acne or blackheads, a week or twice a week will do. Another point to note is that the higher the content of the emulsifier, the stronger the cleaning power will be. If the oil in the skin is taken away too much, the skin will feel dry. Therefore, firstly, do not use it frequently, and secondly, strengthen the moisturizing care.

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