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The Introduction and Function of Makeup Remover Oil

What is makeup remover oil?

Makeup remover oil is a type of oil mixed with emulsifiers that can easily blend with makeup and impurities on the face. Then, through water emulsification, it can wash away all the dirt and impurities on the face. The quality of the oil and emulsifiers used in makeup remover oil determines the quality of the product. Compared to traditional makeup removal methods, which require using tissue paper to wipe off the makeup and then use facial cleansing products to wash away the remaining oil, makeup remover oil is much more convenient.

Makeup remover oil is a type of makeup remover made with oil that can dissolve various types of makeup and impurities. The principle of using makeup remover oil is to use the "oil dissolving oil" method to dissolve oil-soluble makeup and excess oil on the face. This is a physical process that does not involve chemical reactions and is not a so-called "neutralization" chemical reaction.

There are many different brands and types of makeup remover oils on the market. Learning how to distinguish the quality of these oil ingredients is the key to choosing safe and effective makeup remover oil. As for the nutritional additives that vendors claim to have, they can be almost ignored. Because makeup removal is only a process of cleaning the skin, it is immediately washed off with facial cleansing products. It is not worth spending too much money on advanced skin care ingredients that are added. Makeup and impurities will not disappear just because non-washable makeup remover is used. One or two times of wiping cannot completely remove the remaining impurities. The remaining impurities may be absorbed by the skin along with the oil, which is worrying after long-term use.

What is the function of makeup remover oil?

  • Makeup remover oil has a unique emulsifying effect when in contact with water, which not only makes dirt and impurities on the face float up quickly, but also quickly cleanses the dirt and impurities that regular cleansing products cannot reach deep within the pores. Therefore, this is why many people still own a bottle of makeup remover oil even if they do not wear makeup, and they use it occasionally to perform a deep cleaning of their skin.

  • The oil and emulsifiers in makeup remover oil work together to massage the skin and slowly bring out the blackheads in pores. The higher the emulsifier content, the better the effect of bringing out blackheads. However, you should also understand that blackheads are not formed solely by oils, but also by "oils" and "keratin".

  • Blackheads and impurities in pores are eliminated after emulsification, and pores become cleaner, which can naturally make pores smaller. However, remember that after using makeup remover oil, it is best to use a toner that has a pore-tightening effect for better results.

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