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The Role of Loose Powder and the Difference Between It and Honey Powder

Loose powder, also known as makeup powder and honey powder, is a type of cosmetic. Loose powder has the effect of absorbing excess oil on the face, reducing the shine of the face, and covering the blemishes on the face, making the makeup look softer and showing a hazy beauty, especially suitable for daily makeup. Loose powder is used to set makeup and finish. You may like to use a loose powder brush to gently turn around the T-zone. It is also quite cute. When setting makeup with loose powder, remember to gently slap it on your face, remember not to apply too much, otherwise, the makeup on your face will become stiff and unnatural. So how do you use loose powder?

1. The difference between loose powder and honey powder

I heard that it is easy to lose the makeup after applying makeup, so at this time, loose powder and honey powder are dispatched. Although there is usually a common makeup product, that is powder cake, today we will only take a look at loose powder and powder. What are the differences between honey powder, after reading it, you will know which one you should buy.

Although HD setting powder and face powder both mean setting powder, the effect is different. In addition to setting makeup, loose powder generally has a certain concealer effect, and it is used after powder foundation, which can make your skin look more transparent.

Loose powder is a lighter and more transparent setting powder than loose powder. If the loose powder has a concealer effect, then powder only has a certain oil absorption function, but for some mothers with uneven skin tone or dull skin tone, you can use powder Correct skin tone.

2. The role of loose powder

Everyone who wears makeup knows that matte setting powder is used to set makeup and finish. But what you may not know is that loose powder can also control oil, moisturize and brighten. Maybe you sometimes choose a pressed powder instead of a loose powder, because some powders have a concealer effect.

If you often follow Korean dramas, you may also use an air cushion base makeup. The advantage of this type of makeup is that it can make the makeup very docile, and the texture is very moist. If you use a cushion foundation, you should use pressed setting powder to set the makeup. People with oily skin should treat loose powder more carefully, otherwise, it will easily become a big oil field. If you want your skin to be radiant and flawless, you must use loose powder after using the air cushion foundation. Of course, you can also use powder to set the makeup. Loose powder is generally applied to the centre area of the face, which visually makes the cheeks look smaller and has a brighter effect because it is equivalent to weakening the edge contour.

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