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Trend Analysis in 2021

Current situation of the Chinese cosmetics market 

China's cosmetics industry became one of the consumer goods industries with the strongest "rake in the money" in 2020.

According to the Statistics of National Bureau, the retail sales of national cosmetics was 340 billion RMB in 2020, the year-over-year increase is 9.5%, which was 13.4 percentage points higher than the growth rate of total retail sales of consumer goods in the same period.

According to incomplete statistics, nearly 20 cosmetic-related companies including Colorkey, Simpcare, and Colorkey have obtained investment since 2021. Among them, Colorkey's finance reached up to 400 million RMB.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a lasting impact on female's consumption

As "mask makeup" has become a new hot spot, it has driven a new round of makeup demand, especially the demand for eye makeup increases. The data of Planet Barley shows that the sales of eyeliner in May reached up to 140 million RMB, eye shadow sales of 230 million, and eyebrow makeup sales of 150 million. New concepts such as "eyeliner effect" and "mascara effect" spring up. People will pay more attention to eye makeup in the second half of 2021, and the demand for eye makeup products will increase accordingly. In addition to the increased demand for eye makeup, “the eye makeup effect” will also extend to the hot sales of other eye skincare products.

The popularity of loose powder and make-up tools has increased significantly

In the category of facial makeup, the sales of loose powder are the highest, the growth is the fastest, the sales percentage of loose powder come to 57.9%; in the category of makeup tools, the sales percentage of face sponges with a significant growth increased to 63.3%, and face brushes increased to 27.2 %, the increase is not low.

The emerging brands show a distinguished performance, international high-end and emerging brands maintain high growth.

International brands, traditional domestic products, and emerging brands have formed a tripod complexion on the Chinese market.  Among them, the performance of emerging brands is quite outstanding.

The data of Ali platform shows that the sales of the domestic cosmetics surpassed international cosmetics brands for the first time in April 2021, 

The top three were Florasis、Perfect Diary and PROYA.


The development path of the Chinese cosmetics market

In 2020, 26% of cosmetics sales came from emerging products. Consumers' pursuit of diversified products, especially new cosmetic products, shows that brands need to pay attention to the development and promotion of new products.

The development of new products is strong, and consumers' passion for the pursuit of new products rises.

Comparing the sales proportions of best-selling products and new products in different categories, it can be found that skincare products and lipsticks are based more likely on their brands. And people are more willing to try new products for facial makeup, eye makeup, facial masks, and sunscreen, so the development of such new products are easier to get actual returns.

New trends reflect 4 new innovations in the industry: New scenes, new species, new technologies, new experiences.

Makeup's trends in 2021

Vegan private label makeup becomes the focus in its industry day by day.

The traditional selling point has entered a period of aesthetic fatigue, and the importance of functional value is highlighted. The trend requires more detailed division, and products' specific requirements are becoming more and more strict, which has pushed up the boom in the sub-categories of healthy skincare.

According to the analysis of "Focus on Global Cosmetics", which issued by the Korea Cosmetic Industry Research Institute:

The common keyword in the market of U.S. and French is "clean beauty". Consumers who buying cosmetics that do not contain preservatives, silicon, and other harmful ingredients are on the increase;

Mintel forecasts that in the next few years, cosmetic products with natural ingredients and no redundant formulas are likely to become the fastest-growing categories in the industry;

The head of Tmall International Beauty also revealed that natural plant-based beauty is a new international beauty track that will be cultivated and incubated by Tmall International in 2020.

"Beauty skin makeup" has gradually become a new selling point for facial makeup, and combining the concept of makeup and skincare products provides a new and effective direction for the brand.

From their insight," The Blue Ocean and Trend Track of Beauty Consumption", which was released by Alimama and Tmall Treasure's new brand, showed that skin care products for sale integrate makeup to present the characteristics of "strong potential + weak supply". It is also a trending track that is beneficial to the development of new brands

Organic and natural will become the main trends from the international perspective, and it will gradually sweeping the cosmetics industry.

High-end foreign brands have already entered the "Beauty skin makeup" track, such as Helena Rubinstein's high-gloss liquid foundation, BOBBI BROWN's Cordyceps foundation, ESTĒE LAUDER's platinum nourishing foundation, LANCOME's pure liquid foundation, etc. has stressed nourishing the skin while modifying the skin at the same time.

"Nourishing skin foundation makeup" gradually spread to the domestic market

PROYA has followed the essence matrix of anti-oxidant and gathered 4 anti-oxidant trump cards and 2 anti-sugar stars.

Gallimard's astaxanthin liquid foundation makes it famous in its circles again through the "skin-nourishing".

With the popularity of skin-nourishing foundation makeup in the market, domestic brands have begun to pay attention to this area. Such as PROYA, Florasis, Blank ME, GALIMARD, TIMAGE and so on.

Florasis builds on the concept of "nourishing the skin with flowers", launched the family of Florasis Yurong skin-nourishing foundation makeup, including pre-makeup cream, liquid foundation, cushion, concealer pan, trimming pan, and highlighter.

The emerging brand breaks through with "skin-nourishing foundation makeup"

Many emerging brands have also emerged in the "Nourishing Skin Foundation" track, such as Dewy Lab, Funny Elves, PRAMY, SASELOMO, MARYME, AKITA, PINK POINT, Fast B, Heir Cosmetics, and so on.

The clean makeup Dewy Lab officially launched at the end of 2020. Dewy Lab is famous for not adding any harmful and controversial harmful ingredients and combined the world's leading research and development institutions to provide 100% health and safety protection for the skin with scientific formulas.

Processing factories represented by NOX BELLCOW have also set their sights on this treasure. At the Shanghai Beauty Expo in July 2020, NOX BELLCOW first proposed the concept of natural and clean beauty based on policies, regulations, and market orientation. In 2021, NOX BELLCOW launched the light and vitality series, which is one of the clean beauty products favored by consumers.

Upgrade to "functional" makeup, impact the new blue ocean of beautifully

clean and organic cosmetics, which are popular abroad, have also broken into the Chinese market. The concept of anti-oxidation has gradually become popular, and the concept of split-skin makeup has been deeply rooted in the hearts of people. At the same time, Chinese herbal ingredients and Hip-Hop Culture have also begun to gain attention.

No matter how individualized and differentiated consumers’ preferences are, the pursuit of health and safety will become stronger and stronger, and pure beauty is fully in line with this trend. The 'component party' risen in recent years is good evidence. With the growth of consumer demand for cosmetics and increased awareness of skincare, the development of "skin-nourishing foundation makeup" is a general trend, and emerging brands also have bright prospects in this track.

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