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What Are the Benefits and Effects of Night Cream?

Recently, I have been staying up late every day and getting dark circles. I don't have time to use eye masks, so I can only apply night cream every day. Does night cream have the function of removing dark circles? What are the effects and benefits of night cream?

Effects and Benefits of Night Cream


Night cream contains moisturizing ingredients that can replenish moisture in the stratum corneum. Various nourishing ingredients can be absorbed through the surface of the skin, making the skin moisturized and soft.


Night cream has excellent repair effects on various damages caused by external factors to the skin, especially for dry or dehydrated skin. The product generally contains plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients to help the skin maintain barriers, prevent dehydration, soften the epidermis, and promote skin metabolism.


Night cream contains whitening ingredients that can effectively exfoliate dead skin cells and quickly penetrate whitening ingredients to achieve a fair and transparent complexion.


Night cream contains collagen, elastic fibers, plant extracts, moisturizing factors, antioxidants and other ingredients, which can accelerate skin metabolism and repair skin aging during sleep.


Night cream contains firming and anti-aging ingredients, which can actively promote the tightening of the epidermis at night, prevent skin aging and sagging, and reduce the formation of wrinkles.

Nourishing and Moisturizing

Night cream contains high-nutrient, high-moisture ingredients, and more oil. Its mainly function is to provide nutrients, moisture and oil to the skin according to seasonal characteristics. It is generally suitable for using in winter, but not very suitable for summer.

Can night cream be used every day?

Night cream can be used every day. However, some skin types do not need to use it every day. The main function of night cream is to repair the skin, so it contains very rich nutrients. The skin's absorption ability is stronger at night than during the day. If the skin itself is already sufficiently nourished, there is no need to absorb excess nutrients.

Can go to bed after applying night cream?

Yes, you can go to bed directly after applying night cream. Night cream can moisturize the skin, replenish and lock in moisture. It is good to apply after completing other skincare steps to give the skin more protection. After a day of activity, the skin is tired and needs to replenish water and various nutrients. Applying a layer of night cream after applying toner and serum can help repair the skin and maintain its elasticity.

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