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What Are the Benefits of Using Baby Massage Oil?

Nowadays, merchants are very good at making money by producing some novel items, especially baby products that can make mothers dizzying. But many moms are not sure how to use these products after buying them, and even do not know what benefits they can bring. So, what are the benefits of baby massage oil?

The benefits of baby massage oil

Baby massage oil is a colorless or light-colored oily liquid with a mild and non-irritating texture, which can not only help moisturize baby's skin but also help moms clean the oily dirt on baby's body. Many babies often have some crust on their scalp, which makes moms very uncomfortable. In this case, moms can use baby massage oil to help clean the baby's scalp. After evenly applying a layer of baby massage oil on the scalp, all the crusts will fall out by just gently combing with a small comb the next day, which is very practical.

Baby massage oil can also help deal with baby's earwax. When there is hard secretion or scab in the baby's ear canal, moms can use baby massage oil to clean them. Moms only need to drop a drop of baby massage oil into the ear canal of the baby, wait for the earwax to be wet, and then use cotton swabs to easily remove it.

In addition to the cleaning effect, there is another practical use, which is to use it when giving babies a massage, to increase lubricity and make babies feel more comfortable. Before giving the baby a massage, moms can apply some baby massage oil on both hands. During the process, the baby will not cry but enjoy it comfortably.

Can baby massage oil be applied to the baby's face?

Baby's skin is delicate and cannot withstand the damage of chemical products, so baby products should use professional baby skincare products, which greatly reduces the unfavorable factors. Baby massage oil and moisturizing oil have essential differences in usage and purpose. Is it suitable to apply baby massage oil to the baby's face?

Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to apply massage oil to the baby's face directly. After bathing, it can be applied to the baby's body and then given a massage. However, it is not suitable to apply it directly to the baby's face, as baby massage oil is relatively greasy, which may cause the skin to breathe poorly, leading to skin problems. However, it does not mean that problems will definitely occur after application, but the probability is relatively higher. Moreover, if the baby's skin is dry, it is better to choose a suitable moisturizing cream that is more suitable for the delicate skin of the baby and can be absorbed and metabolized by the skin. After all, during this special period, everything used for the baby should be handled with great care to avoid any adverse effects and serious skin problems.

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