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What Are the Effects of Facial Masks?

A facial mask is the most significant product to make the skin moisturizing and absorb nutrients quickly. The face mask is applied to the skin with a layer of film to close the skin thoroughly in a short period. Thereby, it can rapidly increase the skin temperature and open the pore to meet the requirements suck as: moisturizing deeply, supplementing the nutrients needed by the skin, whitening, etc. A facial mask can enhance the permeability of the cuticle and promote the metabolism of epithelial tissue cells. Some of the facial masks also have a cleaning effect.

Ⅰ. What are the features of facial mask?

Compared with other skincare products, facial masks have the two most significant features. Firstly, it can provide intensive treatment by increasing the partial skin temperature for a brief period. The absorptivity of skincare products can be raised about ten times if the skin temperature rises by 1℃. The face mask can significantly affect the skin and other aspects within a short time. Since the use amount of facial mask liquid is much more than the cream or the other skincare products. Therefore the facial mask can provide the effect of intensive treatment in a short time.We should be aware that the effect of facial masks is temporary. There is no difference between the face mask and private label products skincare from the long term standpoint. Moreover, due to the facial mask has the effect of intensive treatment, it may also cause excessive hydration and damage the cuticle of the skin if you use it too frequently,

Ⅱ. What are the effects of facial mask? 

1. Cleansing of the skin: The amazonian white clay mask has a profound cleansing effect, usually applying the facial mask on the face for about 20 minutes. When you peel the facial mask off, It can altogether remove the cells exfoliated from the epidermis of the skin, deep greasy dirt, residual makeup and other usually tricky to remove dirt.

2. Nourishing the skin: In addition to the "nutritional ingredient" contained in the facial mask itself, applying the face mask can also increase the surface temperature of the skin, thereby it can accelerate blood circulation, reducing moisture evaporation of facial skin, softening the cuticle, enlarge the pores and enhance the nutrient substance absorption of facial skin.

3. "Tighten" the skin: Some available face masks can tighten the skin and shrink the pores to fade the wrinkles and reduce the flabby skin.

4. Special "Treatment": some of the functional facial masks added some practical components according to the corresponding therapeutic effect, it can be used to treat some facial skin problems. However, it is better to use it correctly under the guidance of a dermatologist.

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