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What Are the Functions and Effects of Volcanic Mud Mask?

The volcanic mud mask is also a familiar mask that many people often use. The volcanic mud mask is different from the ordinary mask. It is directly rubbed on the face. So what is the function and effect of the volcanic mud mask? what is the benefit?

Ⅰ. Know the volcanic mud mask

The volcanic mud is rich in minerals, which can deeply cleanse the dirt in the pores, make the pores fine, and help the skin to remove excess water and prevent facial puffiness. The volcanic mud mask keeps the skin from drying out after application. Also, unrefined volcanic mud may be alkaline, so if you want to use it directly, it is best to mix some acidic lemon juice or neutral milk to make it milder.

Ⅱ. the role and efficacy of volcanic mud mask

Skin oil is due to endocrine disorders, excessive secretion of skin oil, condensed into oil particles to block pores, and there are also external factors, due to living habits, dietary conditions, and poor daily work and rest. People with oily skin need to cleanse 2 to 3 times a day, do not wear makeup, do deep cleaning once a week, and insist on moisturizing and moisturizing mask, which can improve the state of oily skin.

1. Remove blackheads. The volcanic mud mask can pour out the blackheads on the surface of the skin, but it cannot fundamentally remove the blackheads. It is necessary to squeeze out the blackheads first, and then use the volcanic mud to deeply clean the skin pores, and the effect of removing blackheads is the best. After cleansing with warm water, use a pore-tightening serum to shrink pores, reduce pore damage, and avoid pore enlargement.

2. Remove acne. The volcanic mud mask does not directly remove acne, it can only relieve and improve the formation of acne. To remove acne, you need to go to a professional beauty shop, squeeze out the acne to reduce inflammation, and then shrink and repair the pore sebum damaged by acne. For people who are prone to scarring, after squeezing out the acne, it is necessary to do anti-inflammatory repair work. Toothpaste containing green tea, white vinegar, green tea essential oil or essence, pearl powder, aloe vera gel, and snail liquid can be used to reduce inflammation and repair acne marks.

3. Deep clean hair follicles. The main function of the volcanic mud mask is to deeply clean the skin and hair follicle tissue, and pour out the excess oil and melanin in the hair follicle, as well as cosmetic residues.

4. Acne. The effect of the volcanic mud mask on acne is not great, because the fundamental function of the volcanic mud mask is to clean the hair follicles.

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