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What Are the Functions of Loose Powder?

In the hot summer weather, many people are prone to sweating and oily after wearing makeup. The original beautiful makeup was spent, and it was a waste of time. An important makeup step, applying loose powder keeps your makeup long-lasting. It can be seen that the role of loose powder is extraordinary, so what are the functions of loose powder?

Ⅰ. About loose powder

Loose powder is a kind of facial beauty cosmetics, the professional name is "setting powder", also known as "honey powder" and "loose white powder". Loose powder is a powder product that does not contain oil, and is all prepared from powder raw materials. It is mainly applied after foundation lotion or foundation cream. Most of them are used for post-beauty modification and make-up. It adjusts skin tone, prevents oily skin from being too smooth or sticky, shows a dull but transparent complexion, reduces sweat and sebum, Enhance the sustainability of cosmetics, produce a soft, fluffy skin feel, and some loose powders also have a certain sunscreen effect.

Ⅱ. The role of loose powder

1. Increase the durability of makeup. After the nose is darkened, foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow are all available, which basically belong to a complete makeup, and then a small amount of loose powder is lightly applied to set the makeup. Keep eye shadow and blush in their original positions, so they won't be lost due to facial expressions, making makeup more stable and lasting, and not easy to take off.

2. The role of shaping the three-dimensional effect of the face. Loose powder with pearlescent effect is used to brush on the bridge of the nose, forehead and chin tip. Of course, it cannot be used on the whole face. It can also slightly adjust the skin tone to create a three-dimensional appearance of the face.

3. For oily skin people to absorb grease, anti-dust effect. Some people have oily skin and are prone to shine. Loose powder can control oil and has the effect of modifying skin tone, while loose powder has loose powder, fine powder, low density, and high light transmittance. The velvety semi-matte finish provides a comfortable touch and a refreshing look to those with oily skin.

Loose powder is usually used in the last step of make-up. It has a very important function, such as setting makeup, contouring and oil control. Female friends who like makeup will definitely have a small box of loose powder on the dressing table or with you, so that you can carefully Makeup that takes time, lasts longer and gives full play to the charm of beautiful makeup.

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