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What Is Oil Control Shampoo?

Modern people no longer have lice on their heads, but there are still many hair problems such as dandruff and oily hair. To solve these problems, manufacturers have produced different types of shampoos, including oil control shampoo. So, what does oil control shampoo mean?

What does oil control shampoo mean?

As the name suggests, oil control shampoo is a type of shampoo that can control the secretion of oil on the scalp. If your hair is prone to becoming oily and greasy, you should consider using oil control shampoo to improve the situation.

Does oil control shampoo really work?

All shampoos cannot really remove oil because oil is not soluble in water. Therefore, oil control shampoo cannot effectively remove oil. In fact, shampoo is a detergent that contains silicon and sulfur, which can burden the scalp and make the hair even more oily. Some people have active sebaceous glands that secrete oil and fat, which quickly spread to every hair root and the entire scalp. Even if they wash their hair, their hair will become oily again quickly, which not only affects their appearance but also block pores and promote the growth of harmful bacteria, thereby disrupting the ecological balance of the scalp.

How to choose a safe and effective oil control shampoo?

To choose a safe and effective oil control shampoo, there are two types of shampoos available: chemical daily shampoos and traditional Chinese medicine shampoos. Chemical daily shampoos use cleaning ingredients to prevent the absorption of nutrients by bacteria and have antibacterial effects. However, the residual chemicals on the hair and scalp can cause irritation, especially if they get into the eyes. Additionally, these shampoos can have a negative impact on hair's softness. Moreover, chemical shampoos have a short-term effect on dandruff removal, and the dandruff can quickly reappear after the antibacterial ingredients stop functioning. Traditional Chinese medicine shampoos use more herbal antibacterial ingredients that have minimal side effects. They also add Chinese herbal ingredients that regulate the ecological balance of the scalp in a more comprehensive way, making it a gentle and effective way to care for the scalp.

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