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What Is the Difference Between Baby Body Lotion and Moisturizing Oil?

Moisturizing lotion and moisturizing oil, aren't they the same thing? Is there a difference between the two? Moms who don't usually study skincare products must not know that these two are different. Even babies need to use moisturizing lotion or moisturizing oil, what are the differences between the two and when should they be used?

The difference between baby body lotion and moisturizing oil

For baby-specific moisturizing products, the three most commonly seen types on the market are moisturizing oil, moisturizing lotion, and moisturizing cream, all of which are used for moisturizing baby's skin. From the ingredients, the difference between moisturizing oil and the latter two is more obvious. The current moisturizing oil for infants and young children generally contains mainly natural mineral oil, which has a strong moisturizing effect; while baby body lotion and cream achieve a moisturizing effect by adding moisturizing factors.

In terms of effectiveness, moisturizing oil is more moisturizing than baby body lotion and cream, but the strongest moisturizing effect is not necessarily the best moisturizing effect. When choosing, mothers also need to consider factors such as the weather and the baby's skin to buy what is suitable for their babies.

Baby body lotion and moisturizing oil each have different added ingredients, so the moisturizing principles are also different. Moisturizing oil uses the sealing characteristics of mineral oil itself to block the evaporation of the skin's own moisture. Because it is a natural oil, it is more oily than a moisturizer and has a moisturizing effect that is 10 times that of ordinary moisturizing products; while baby body lotion prevents moisture evaporation by adding a moisturizer. However, unlike mineral oil, it has good breathability, allowing the skin to absorb moisture from the outside and relatively refreshing.

The role of baby body lotion

Baby body lotion can nourish facial skin well and supplement the various amino acids and nutrients that human facial cells need. In addition, it also contains a certain amount of moisture, so it can have a moisturizing effect on the skin. More importantly, in winter, if you apply infant milk moisturizing cream in the morning and evening, it can avoid cracked skin caused by wind during the day, and promote the detoxification process of facial skin at night, making the facial skin more moist. When using baby body lotion, there are certain precautions, such as not using too much each time. If you use too much, it is likely to make your face too oily, even with a greasy appearance.

So skincare is not just a matter for moms, even babies need to pay attention to skincare, which can prevent loss of body moisture. Moms need to understand when to use baby body lotion and when to use moisturizing oil for their babies.

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