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What Is the Difference Between Eye and Lip Makeup Remover and Makeup Remover Oil?

We usually need to use makeup remover when applying makeup. Removing makeup is an important step in skin care. There are many types of makeup removers, and makeup remover oil is a popular one. So, what is the function of makeup remover oil?

Understanding makeup remover oil

Makeup remover oil dissolves makeup by using the principle of similar solubility, which can dissolve oil components in facial makeup, and can dissolve dirt, oil, and residual makeup components hidden in pores. Emulsify it with water and rinse it off with plenty of water, which has an efficient cleaning effect.

Difference between eye and lip makeup remover and makeup remover oil

The texture, scope of application, and methods of the two are different. Eye and lip makeup remover oil mainly removes eye and lip makeup, while ordinary makeup remover oil removes makeup from the entire face. Although both belong to makeup removers, they have different scopes of application. Eye and lip makeup remover oil is less irritating to the eyes and can remove makeup without emulsification. You can choose according to your needs.

Tips for using makeup remover oil

Removing makeup

This is the basic function of makeup remover oil. Ensure that your hands and face are dry. First, apply makeup remover oil to your face and massage in a circular motion for about a minute, then dip your hands in water, massage your face, and fully emulsify the makeup remover oil into white. Finally, rinse it off with plenty of water and wash your face with facial cleanser.

Washing hands

When cooking, after cutting meat, your hands may become very oily, and sometimes it is difficult to wash them with hand soap. At this time, using makeup remover oil can quickly remove the oily feeling. Use it in the same way as removing makeup.

Care oil for bags and shoes

Makeup remover oil can be used as a care oil for leather products, whether it is genuine leather or PU leather. Dip a sponge into the makeup remover oil and gently wipe it, and the leather will immediately become particularly shiny.

Removing stains from oily markers

There are always mischievous children at home who like to write and draw randomly. If it is a wooden table, just dip a paper towel into the makeup remover oil and gently wipe it to remove the stains.

Removing sunscreen from the body

If you apply sunscreen to your body, many sunscreen products cannot be washed off with shower gel alone. You need to use makeup remover oil to clean it. First, ensure that the body is dry, then apply makeup remover oil directly, massage it, add a little water to emulsify, and rinse it off.

Washing clothes

I believe many girls have experience of getting makeup on their clothes. Before washing clothes, wash the stained area with makeup remover oil, and then use a washing machine for a cleaner result.

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