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What Is the Principle of Oil Control Shampoo?

Everyone wants their hair to stay fresh and clean every day, but washing your hair too often can damage the skin's protective barrier. That's where buying an oil-control shampoo comes in handy. But if you fall in love with it, can you use it often? This is a serious question when it comes to having healthy and fresh hair! So, can you really use oil-control shampoo frequently?

Principles of Oil-control Shampoo

Oil-control shampoo can effectively clean the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands and create a clean environment for the scalp. Generally, shampoos contain ingredients such as salicylic acid, niacinamide, fruit acids, and sulfur, which are powerful agents for removing oil. The silicone-free shampoos that are now popular in the market also have excellent oil-control effects.

Additionally, when choosing an oil-control shampoo, avoid choosing poor quality ones, because the scalp's environment is the second thinnest skin of the human body after the eyelids, and it is extremely vulnerable to damage. The purpose of oil-control itself is to maintain a healthy scalp and our own clean image, but damaging the scalp for cleaning its oil is not worth it.

Can Oil-control Shampoo Be Used Frequently?

  • Do not use strong oil-removing shampoos every day. The most appropriate frequency is to use them only once a week.

  • Do not wash your hair more than twice a day. After cleaning, the scalp will secrete a layer of oil for protection, and the more you wash, the more the number of times the oil is secreted.

  • After using oil-control shampoo for the first time, remember to apply conditioner to the ends of your hair to avoid oily hair.

The effect of oil-control shampoo is limited. It is recommended that people also pay attention to their diet and avoid eating oily foods. In addition, try to avoid staying up late and having too much stress. Its own role is to clean the oil that the skin has already secreted. If the sebaceous glands are too active, you still need to maintain a certain frequency of use to clean them better. When washing your hair, prepare warm water and do not scratch your scalp with your hands. Once you scratch your scalp, it will accelerate the secretion of oil, resulting in even oilier hair.

Friends with oily hair should also not keep long hair. If you are confident in your appearance, you should go and get a haircut to ensure that your scalp has more air contact. The care of oily hair is closely related to the skin. A normal lifestyle is also essential for hair care. Be sure to get enough sleep and exercise properly to maintain a good mental state, which all have a certain controlling effect on oily hair.

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